VC Aug 2022 – The Review

This Summer’s Vanilla Corruption party - a review!

This year saw Me hold a second Vanilla Corruption event, after a successful event in Spring and now with COVID largely behind us, I reinstated the original Summer slot.

The event went ahead with seventeen Women present, nine men and a sissy maid, and wow, the Vanilla participation at this one was pretty much immediate.

From an hour in, I scanned My eyes over My event to see two Ladies ball busting one slave and another few Ladies walking men on leashes outside in the sunshine. There was Miss Betsy, My marvelous co-Hostess for this additional overseeing some impact play involving whips and paddles.

It was just so perfect, all of the subs were spoiled with the amount of attention, laughs and interactions from with Miss Betsy, My lovely Vanilla friends and of course, myself.


I have some very specific highlights of My own..

I always strip off the men from the moment that they arrive, and when all the Ladies are present and watching I allocate the man meat a number with it written on their skin, chest, head, wherever I feel like.

I really want the men to feel like toys, objects..

So slave no.5 was into impact play and CBT, I gave several of the Vanilla Ladies whipping lessons… First on his back, giving them distance and positioning advice, impact safe areas and wrist / arm techniques..

Then moving on to whip his cock, it was in such a mess after and he loves it, I loved it and the several Ladies who were brave enough to have a go loved it!


Then little frilly piggy, slave no.8, who attended the event in his lingerie with My new cute Fetters pink piggy head harness, complete with nose pins to give him a natural snout, added for good measure. I loved the aesthetic alone, but I forced him to drink a lot of water throughout the event to gather ALL of the Women around him at the end and watch him piss himself before pissing on him Myself. he was just a heavily laughed out, piss soaked piggy bitch!

Hooking up pup Rascal to My bench with cuffs and pet wrap, inserting a butt hook into him joined by strap to his collar and then adding rope to turn him into a human ding dong bell. Women could just approach, pull on the rope and in turn burying the anal hook deeper into his ass. The Ladies loved it!

Also, I have an amazing fishing wire tipped whip by Essentia Whips that I’ve only been able to use once since I bought it over 5 years ago. It requires a true masochist to take it’s strikes, as it pretty much splits the skin on impact… I gave masochist sub Gerry 10 strikes with it, he truly felt it! Hot!


So, I’m hoping to continue with three of these events a year, they bring Me a great deal of personal joy. The event brings something unique and raw. The attendance of Vanilla Women has grown exponentially over the years, and the come for a variety of reasons. Disbelief at the stories they were told by friends so they wish to see for themselves, some attend to be entertained and immerse themselves in an alternative environment from anything else they’ve ever experienced. A few even attend to be educated, to learn more of kink and BDSM and the FemDom lifestyle.

My next event will be an indoor occasion, the Vanilla Alternative club in Bedfordshire have allowed Me space to host inside their premises, which will be furnished with dungeon kit, taking the usual format of My event.