Welcome to My dimension



I am a well educated, intelligent, naturally dominant seductress. My entire career to this point has been within male orientated environments, leaving Me very well practiced using My prowess in moulding and seducing weak males into doing My biding.

Past My chocolate brown eyes and beautiful blonde tresses, I have a multi-faceted personality.

Soft, sweet and bubbly but do not let that deceive you. I also have a deliciously sadistic side, My sadism always comes with a smile as I love what I do, domination comes very natural to me. I never lack imagination and enthusiasm with My work and find there is no bigger endorphin high than that of the power exchange between a superior woman such as Myself and an inferior male.

I have many favourite tools to use in indulging My sadistic side, if it is something to be held within My hand to punish your naughty behind My preference will always be My trusty bamboo cane for judicial destruction. But for with a need for a slightly softer side to their punishment, I have a long Equestrian based history as a well-loved hobby, so the use of My riding crop also pleases Me greatly. My love for horses and Equestrian is also what brings about My not so widely practiced love of the Pony play fetish.

Ensure you read My entire site before you apply to serve

You will remember your manners at all times and address Me only as Mistress or Miss.

I am a Dominatrix living in Buckinghamshire offering professional dominatrix services based just south of in Milton Keynes.

My base location is in Leighton Buzzard, LU7 postcode, pretty much on the Milton Keynes southern border. Just 15 minutes drive from Junction 11A of the M1 motorway. It is My own dungeon and here I have daily availability for both daytime, evening and overnight sessions as well as both in week and weekends. I do occasionally travel to which you can keep up to date with that via My newsletter / blog here on My website.

Ensure you take the time to read through My interests. Should we share similar interests and you truly believe you can serve Me in the manner to which I deserve as a superior female then you may apply Here and together we can explore those interests. If whilst browsing My interests you see an interest you like the sound of but yet to explore, I would relish taking you through that introductory experience, just be sure that you are clear and honest about your previous experience, if any, in your application to Me.

I will control you, I will possess your mind and I will mould you to My will. You will be powerless to resist Me and you will want to do whatever it takes to please Me, giving Me your undivided attention. I’m very calculating when it comes to My objectives and when I know that I want something I WILL have it. I will captivate you, I will consume you.