My name is Mistress Tess. Welcome.

For the past five years I have been on a journey of discovery. A journey that has seen Me travel the world honing My skills, building My reputation. A journey that has turned Me in to the Alpha predator that you may have the privilege of kneeling and groveling before, if You approach Me in the right way.

When approaching Me Remember your manners, address Me as Mistress or Miss at all times, you will know your place in My presence.

I am a Mistress of many sides. I am very selective in those sessions which I will participate. I partake in sessions that interest Me with those who have similar interests, rest assured, if I accept your application that you will be pleasing Me greatly by gifting Me your submission in a way that I truly enjoy. I know what I like and it shows when I get the opportunity to indulge Myself. I do appreciate that approaching a Dominatrix can be nerve racking, scary even, but please don’t think that I am purely about the extreme end of the BDSM spectrum. Some of My favourite activities are firmly on the sensual end of the scale, in fact few things delight Me more than seeing an inferior male break down in desperation when the torment of My teasing drives him to the edge of insanity. As for the other end of the spectrum though, be careful what you ask for, chances are I can take you further than you’d ever want regardless of how exciting that might seem right up until the point at which it becomes reality.

Since an early age I have known that men are weak, easily controlled and simple to entice in to a world of amusement for Me. Feel free to succumb to Me, to be lulled in to a false sense of security by My beauty and easily approachable personality. It will be your undoing and I will revel in it.

I can be served from well equipped chambers in Reading, Sandy (Bedfordshire) and Walsall. I often travel to Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as Belfast and Dublin with opportunities arising elsewhere on occasion.

Before you go any further, I will insist that you read through all of My website, I don’t take kindly to questions being asked that can be answered by simply reading the material that is provided. Show Me the respect that I’ll show you when you submit to Me.