Apply to serve Me

Be sure you have carefully read through My website before completing this application form and do ensure you have given Me sufficient information in all sections of the form. I will not look favourably on one liners and I do not require your life story either. Be polite, be forthcoming but do be concise.


I can afford to be and WILL be selective

If I feel you have not first read the information on My site before contacting Me, you will be ignored.

Lack of thought in your application, one liners or any requests for sexual services / nudity will also be ignored.

I am not an escort and I do not offer sexual or personal services.

If you do not have a reply within 1 week, you can assume I am not interested, do not bother contacting Me again.

I will only diary you as a confirmed booking once a deposit has been received. Deposits are non transferable to an alternative date in any circumstances except cancelation by Mistress Tess.

Use My application form below to state your preference of location for a session but bear in mind I will not always offer your preference.