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Vanilla Corruption Rescheduled – April 23rd This Spring edition (rescheduled from last Summer) will be held in a private location on the outskirts of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Those who have followed My journey with this event from when it was first founded in 2016, to now, have seen it grow and evolve into a showcase of… Read More »Vanilla Corruption Saturday April 23rd
It’s fast approaching, only 2 months away. I cannot wait, I’ve been dreaming of holding this event since My visit to the Order of Indomitus in 2018. An event of High Protocol, pure Female Domination. I was so inspired by Mistress Michelle Lacy’s event that I just wanted to bring a little piece of it… Read More »Gynarchy Governance 6th-8th May
If you follow Me on Twitter, I’m sure it won’t have escaped your notice that I’m attending and co-organising the FemDom event of the year in Athens alongside the event Hostess Mistress Alexandra Balance and co-organiser Ariana Chevalier of NYC. The FemDom Gala will be held at Mistress Alexandra Balance’s amazing new facility, The Omega… Read More »FemDom Gala Athens 13th-15th May

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