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How would you like the supreme honour of spending the night with Me? The whole night, just Me and you, in My chambers, attached to My dungeon? The intimacy of sleeping so close to Me, and yet always under My control. So near and yet so far because you’ll be in a locked cage. Obviously,… Read More »A night with Me?
Vanilla’s in Session! Over the years I’ve become known for My Vanilla Corruption Events, they’ve been running since 2016 and I’ve held over a dozen since then.!-- They were born of a hen (bacherlerette) party in 2016 where My new found passion for the scene bore so many questions that I suggested I invite some… Read More »Corrupting the Vanilla’s
I love a spa day. The mixture of having time to spoil My body and lounge around like a Goddess is definitely My vibe. I’d say of an ordinary year I spa at least half a dozen times, with a particular enjoyment of a specific few locations, but that’s not to say I’m not open… Read More »sub-seduction on a Mistress Spa day..

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