A night with Me?
How would you like the supreme honour of spending the night with Me? The whole night, just Me and you, in My chambers, attached to My dungeon? The intimacy of sleeping so close to Me, and yet always under My control. So near and yet so far because you’ll be in a locked cage. Obviously, inferior! What did you think I was suggesting?

Want to book an overnight session?

An overnight begins with an extended session. All evening at My mercy in a CFnm environment of course, for between 3 & 6 hours of play (or more, depending on the budget) for Me to hurt you, tease you, torment you, DOMINATE you. Usual overnight sessions run from around 7pm of an evening until around 8am the next morning, including approximately 4 hours of intense play and surrounded by service orientated play and confinement. I’ll have you to enjoy at My leisure, to turn you into a quivering mess of a man, in all the ways you like best, and I of course that I enjoy the most. See what I like to do to my subs in session over on My Loyal Fans page: Only-Tess.com Service orientated play is obviously still imposed within consensual limits. Some of those service orientated play activities I enjoy on overnight sessions are massages, showering Me and drying My hair, moisturising Me, washing dishes, cleaning toys and furniture, preparing/making My bed, human toilet for Mistress’ special champagne, toothpaste spittoon amongst many others. I love the authenticity I feel in using men in service in a manner of different ways such as those listed above. When the play element of O/our overnight together has come to an end and I am fully satisfied that I’ve had My way with you, it will be time to sleep. But perhaps not for you, unless you find the comforts of My 6’2” locked cage soothing. men are NOT allowed the freedom to roam around My playspace while I sleep. You will help Me prepare for the night, like a good service sub. Assisting in clearing My dungeon of whatever implements I have seen fit to use on you and then tending to the personal touches that I enjoy from a service submissive.
Then it’s time for you to crawl into your cage for the night. If you’re well behaved throughout the evening, you might even have earned yourself a pillow and a blanket but rest assured it is where you will spend your night. Cramped, kind of uncomfortable, trapped and though you’ll be close enough to see Me, you will never be close enough to touch Me. I will be tucked up cosy in My dungeon double bed with satin pyjamas and you will be in your rightful place of a locked cage a mere 8ft away from Me. I am a busy Dominatrix. I need My sleep. So you had better not dare make a noise to wake Me slave. Perhaps a cage is too much for you. Perhaps claustrophobia will get the better of you. But still, there is to be no male roaming while I sleep. In that case, you will be bound overnight. Tightly. No room for escape, slipped into the tight confinements of a leather sleepsack or strait jacket, completely restricted. Do you think you can cope with a night of bondage, silently, while I sleep so close to you? And should I need to get up to use the toilet in the night, you may just be dragged from your confined slumber to be used as human furniture for My golden nectar whilst all dazed and confused. Covered in hot wet Mistress fluids before you even realise properly where you are and what has happened. When morning comes, I will be well rested, but you will have suffered from your night in bondage or in My slave overnight cage. Will you have slept at all? Do I care?
Your suffering pleases Me, your subjugation is My pleasure. I wake you when it suits Me, and free you from your overnight cell when I am ready. I will permit you to use the facilities to clean, and should you wake with an appetite for breakfast I have plenty of dog bowls around. Then it is time to send you away, back out into the world, dazed, tired and with a giant smile on your face, knowing you’ve spent a night in the best way, the way you deserve, slave.