A Pony Boy story – Pony Play session review with Mistress Tess

A Pony Boy story – Pony Play session review with Mistress Tess

One of My newest loyal subs is My Pony Boy C, he’s written a review of our session, his first Pony Play session which I thought would be a good blog post for you kinksters to indulge in..


I stepped out of the car, nervous, as I turned around the door to the dungeon opened and I heard the words “Hello you” from Mistress Tess, this instantly put me at ease and I instinctively walked towards Her, ready to submit. Mistress knew that I was a novice and that this would be my first ever “Ponyplay” session. Mistress understood that this was a very important and deep rooted fantasy in my life, from the point of first contact I was perfectly reassured that Mistress would nurture and protect my fantasy, She told me that I would have first time nerves too. Key to all of what was to come was that Mistress Tess had informed me that Ponyplay was a mutual interest and that the thought of turning a man into a horse interested Her…

Mistress showed me inside the dungeon, it was well equipped, clean and WARM with soft music playing. Mistress was wearing a long coat and I could see at the bottom that She had jodhpurs and boots on which got me very excited, in a crowd my eyes will instinctively pick out any person wearing horse riding attire, it’s my life. It is easy to feel awkward and embarrassed when you have such an extreme and niche fantasy/fetish such as Ponyplay but Mistress made it all seem perfectly normal. I was carrying a bag on my shoulder, full of various items of tack – bridles, bits, reins that I had acquired over time but until now had only enjoyed alone, Mistress saw it and before long it was all spread out on a table and we were discussing each item. Being an experienced horse rider Mistress knew what She was looking at – all of my tack is genuine “bio-horse” equipment purchased from tack shops. Mistress asked me how it all went on, since it fits slightly different as it would to a horse I showed Her “the nose band goes here, brow band, the throat latch goes
there”. It is rather complicated and I wondered if I would be tacking myself up or if Mistress would remember what I had showed Her – I had no idea how the session would proceed, Mistress clearly knew what She was doing and what She would need.

After this we had a brief chat about limits; being married I cannot be marked too much, Mistress picked up a dressage whip “I like these, they don’t mark too much, I’ve got my own that I brought with me from home which I will use to correct you and give instructions” this was getting serious! Until now it had been a very matter of fact discussion between adults, I was still standing at this point and W/we were openly talking, I felt very comfortable and ready. Then Mistress stepped it up a gear, with firm eye contact She informed me “when the session starts I don’t expect you to call Me Mistress because ponies don’t talk” oh my god this is happening, She really is going to turn me into a horse, Mistress continued “I will step out of the room for a short while, I want you to take off all of your clothes and wait naked on your knees for Me in the middle of the room, when I come back into the room the session has started and you are My pony until I say otherwise”. I couldn’t believe this was happening, Mistress further informed me that I was to do only as instructed, if I pre-empt anything that she might want or say, move or look of my own initiative I would be “corrected”. Mistress then left the room, I have never undressed so fast – I wanted to be ready for Her, having folded my suit neatly I assumed the position in front of the full length mirror on my knees and waited. I waited, still and smart, heart beating, trying to control my breathing, I’m used to handling fear, my knees started to hurt on the floor, I stayed and waited.

The door opened and the most beautiful sight I have ever seen entered the room, Mistress Tess in full equestrian outfit, tight navy blue jodhpurs, knee high boots, a very classy elegant satin blouse, hair tied up with fresh lip gloss applied, leather gloves carrying a long black dressage whip. W/we made eye contact as She walked past me and I was done for, I looked away and faced the mirror, I could see that I was aroused. It’s hard to explain the next part, unless you’ve worked with horses or seen people with them you won’t get it. Mistress moved around me putting down her whip, out of my view, as she walked behind me she placed a hand on my shoulder as you would to let a horse know you are there since they have no peripheral vision, She said nothing and continued to move about getting ready. She was treating me like a horse, not ignoring or disregarding me – She knew I was there, but I was not human, I was property there to be worked on and used but not acknowledged, that’s how it felt anyway and it was amazing. Then Mistress came from behind me, pushed on my shoulders and said “down”, I dropped to all fours whilst Mistress continued to walk around me. I enjoyed looking at Her boots as She stood in front of me, then Mistress came to my side, crouched down and stroked my head saying “good pony”, I let out a deep breath of relief as the adrenaline washed over me, Mistress stroked my head and shoulders and I pushed my head into Her body, Mistress pulled me closer and I nuzzled Her – like a horse while she continued to stroke and pat me.

Mistress then groomed me and this was a key element, unexpected, it had not even occurred to me in any of my fantasies that pony play might include grooming, I had just thought of riding and lunging. But this grooming session served two purposes for me, firstly that Mistress was treating me as a horse completely from start to finish, and second it showed that Mistress owned my body, at least for that hour. She groomed every inch of me, brushing me down, it helped me to regress into pony space and that of being property, I was no longer a person, it felt nice too. Mistress looked stunning in the mirror as She moved around me in her riding outfit, bending down to touch my arms and legs, walking around me. When this was finished Mistress proceeded to “tack me up”, first with the bridle. There was no discussion, no confirmation, Mistress knew how to put it on and She did so, fastening the straps securely and stopping to check it was neat and even. Then the bit – a genuine metal loose ring jointed snaffle, held in front of my mouth, I opened and accepted it as Mistress secured it. Initially I thought to myself it wasn’t tight enough, Mistress had a look at it and clearly thought the same, she then made it very tight (which is what I was hoping for) and secured the straps. Again Mistress’ prowess as an experienced equestrienne showed through when She struggled with one of the keepers for a strap. Most would have left it dangling, but you don’t do that with horses, and Mistress took the time and effort to make sure it was all done up properly and neatly so that Her pony looked right, I really appreciated this. Mistress Tess is clearly a perfectionist. Mistress had me kneeling up for this part and when she instructed me back to all fours I drooled all over the floor due to the bit in my mouth, I was mortified that Mistress would be disgusted by the puddle on the floor. Mistress noticed and simply told Her pony that he would have to practice controlling it from now on.

Then we moved on to the training, at this point I was on all fours wearing a bridle with a bit tight in my mouth, reins attached waiting for instructions. I am not a big guy – 5’9’’ on my best day, but I am stronger than I look. Mistress was clearly aware that I might struggle with a rider on my back and She took things very slow and steady to begin with. She stood astride me but did not sit all of her weight on my back, took hold of the reins and pulled to the right. I moved my arms and legs to turn – my first mistake. Her voice “No! I didn’t use my legs did I” accompanied with a correction from the whip. I returned to my starting position and again Mistress pulled the right rein, this time I just turned my head keeping my body still “good” She said but kept pulling, I was almost looking at Her by this point, I held the position until pressure on my left rein pulled my head back to the center. To me this task was to demonstrate who was in charge, Mistress could spend the whole session just pulling my head from one side to the other if She so desired, and I was perfectly happy with this.

We then moved on to various gaits; walk, trot, speed up, slow down with me moving around on all fours. Mistress was stood astride me supporting most of Her weight on Her feet and walking with me, wow how strong Her legs must be I thought. Occasionally Mistress would sit fully on me and lift Her feet off the ground, I could manage to carry Her for a short time but she always removed the weight before it got too much for me. The whole time I wanted to take Her weight for longer and impress Her as a good horse but She was clearly pacing me. There was talk of how a saddle and stirrups would make things easier. As I write this, if I close my eyes I can still feel the leather of Mistress’ boots against my side, Her legs squeezing my body, never have I felt so content. W/we moved onto some dressage moves; left and right like a “half pass” and crossing my “fore legs”. Mistress had stopped using verbal commands at this point and was training me using leg and whip aids. This forced me to focus, head forward waiting and feeling for a squeeze of the leg or a pull on the rein, a tap with the whip – all had different meanings and required me to perform certain movements. I was in heaven at this point, thinking of nothing but the next command from my rider! Mistress rode me around the dungeon for some time, pulling the reins to stop, squeezing Her knees to go, using the whip to speed up.

Remember the puddle of drool on the floor? Twice Mistress managed to halt me exactly landing my left hand in it, forcing me to stand with my hand getting wet. Clearly a very experienced rider indeed, assuming it was intentional…

Then we moved to lunging, I waited on all fours whilst Mistress shunted and moved heavy dungeon equipment out of the way to create an “arena” to lunge me. I fought my chivalrous urges to stand and offer to move the stuff for Her, I stayed in pony mode and waited on all fours. Occasionally I would shift my weight and turn to look, risking another correction (I probably would have enjoyed that anyway!), I was being a pony. Mistress attached a line to my bit and proceeded to work me in a circle, walk then trot, back to walk, halt, repeat. Again after a while the verbal commands ceased and I was focused on the whip for my instructions to go, speed up, stop etc. I had no knee pads and by this point my knees were feeling it on the hard dungeon floor. I was happy to “trot” using my feet but each time I dreaded being brought back down to a walk and the inevitable pain in my knees. I had no choice though – I was a pony and I would be worked until my owner decided to stop. “I could do this all day” was the feedback I received from Mistress, and despite the pain in my knees I would have striven to perform all day for Her if She so wished.

At the end of the lunging Mistress removed my tack and then fitted me with my headcollar, another genuine item of equine tack. Mistress said She liked the idea of putting me out to graze in my headcollar after riding, me too! Mistress led and rode me for a bit before removing the headcollar and giving me a treat – a sugar cube! W/we both found that very funny.

Then the session ended and I was told that I could stand and talk, I felt so comfortable in Mistress’ presence that it didn’t occur to me that I was still naked until She told me to get dressed. Then W/we had a cup of tea and a chat, this was nice as it gave me time to come down before leaving. W/we talked about our mutual interest in Pony play and discussed ideas we both had for kit and equipment and then it was time to leave, on a massive high. Mistress asked me to let Her know when I had got home safe – and She meant it.

The following day Mistress contacted me to check that I was ok, saying that She likes to “check in”. It is this aftercare that really must be praised as it is something rather special that I imagine not all Dommes would bother with, it certainly wasn’t expected. Mistress talks about “sub drop” on her blog, and She genuinely cares about Her subs. At the time of writing this Mistress has confirmed a second session with me – outside play! I have been training hard on my legs and back in the hope of carrying Her for longer. And so begins my journey with Mistress Tess, supreme Goddess of the human pony, my dream would be to live in Her stable, forever!

Seriously people, if you have an interest in Pony play I cannot think of a better lady to indulge that with. Mistress Tess is a genuine horse rider and She will turn you into a pony, mind body and soul. She is also 100% a genuinely nice person with very high standards and morals, I wouldn’t want to get into Her bad books though, treat Her with respect!