Connection.. Ownership.. This is real.

Connection.. Ownership.. This is real.

The connection between mistress and submissive to me comes in varying intensity. Ranging from expectation of activities during session, where my eyes make contact with a submissive on his knees at start of play and the trust involved in placing their mind and body in my possession, connects us.
Alternatively the connectivity felt upon the first communications, the electricity of the anticipation, sometimes you just know, you know?
Or the connection that is built up and growing over time, the familiarity, the learning of each other.
For me, the latter points are important foundations to the path of ownership.
Because ownership speaks of Exclusivity, Dedication, Patience, Devotion, Commitment.
For me, to it’s a pledge for me to allow you to sit near my soul, to accept you into my circle. To accept you as mine. Going forward it isn’t a decision that I'll take lightly, I think the best approach is if you ever hope to be by my side you maintain honesty, you demonstrate patience and keep your word.
I’m not looking for new pets as I’m lucky, despite my only fairly recent entry into the realtime scene I bring with me two owned subs but prove your worth and in time, if I like you around you never know.

Both my currently owned subs were met during my time on the Findom scene, first of which I’ll speak of, Verbalabuseboy, has been involved in the RT scene for over 20 years, we met through a series of Retweet games, as despite being a genuine submissive he still enjoyed the thrill that online play can bring, the adrenaline.
After only days of talking online it was apparently we had an electricity between us, a connection and when the topic of realtime sessions came up in conversation, I hadn’t yet played although it was something that had been on my mind for some time, making that switch, findom was proving empty and unfulfilling. Over the coming months, we played (online), he supported me, we spoke daily, he was there for me after my very first session. His presence at such a pivotal time for me is something that I’ll always treasure and appreciate.
Our first meet was for coffee and shopping at Bicester Village, from the minute I pulled up and he walked to meet me at my car door I watched his face as I slipped my patent red Jimmy onto the pavement and I knew already he was mine, I could see it in his eyes.

His understanding and experience in the scene has been invaluable and I appreciate him immensely for it amongst all the other things having him as my owned brings. The connection when we play is very strong, we feed from each other, and I’m able (in his own words) to push him further than he’s has consensually wanted before in terms of pain affliction, this is down to his deep rooted need to submit to me, to please me.
Whether he remains by me for the long term or a shorter period, I won’t forget everything he’s done for me.

At the other end of the spectrum is my amateur sub Ropenoob, who in lifestyle I would classify as a switch personality but submissive to me. There is an affinity between us, which I relish and he suffers for me which makes me adore him as my pet. He is new to the realtime scene, has played online for 18 months but like me was looking to make that step and takes comfort in that we are taking this journey together. His eagerness and willing to explore various interests to establish his own is proving very useful and allowing me to excel my skills, particularly in anal play as it turns out he’s a bit of a butt slut!

Both each bring me a uniqueness, and it’s that fact that reassures me that by accepting them to be by my side was the right decision. I value them both, my boys, my pets, my subs.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog, see you again in a few weeks!


Mistress Tess