Corrupting the Vanilla’s

Vanilla’s in Session!

Over the years I’ve become known for My Vanilla Corruption Events, they’ve been running since 2016 and I’ve held over a dozen since then.!-- They were born of a hen (bacherlerette) party in 2016 where My new found passion for the scene bore so many questions that I suggested I invite some slaves over for a garden party and have the Ladies come watch and have a play. Since then it has grown, into this amazing gathering of Women who attend 3 times a year for a Spring, Summer and Autumn version of the event. The next event being 13th of April 2024.
As an extension of that, I have a lot of requests for private Vanilla audience sessions, from subs whom perhaps can’t make My event dates or want a more intimate setting but the same environment. Since moving to Berkshire 3 years ago, I don’t know many people but those few outside of the kink community that I have had the pleasure of interacting with have become friends. One of which is My beautician and Her group of friends, for which I feel very blessed. The delight on Their faces when They first walked into My dungeon was like watching children in a sweets store. I enjoy talking them through what this does and what that does and the stories I can retell with the different pieces of equipment in My dungeon that they were glazing over and smiling about.

So what were they doing in My dungeon?

I’ve done over a handful of Vanilla Audience one on one sessions this year in My dungeon with this wonderful group of Ladies. Ranging from a male strip tease / dance off, speaking / paddling challenge, a “champagne” tasting evening, humiliation sessions and they’ve also watched Me rail a few subs with My strap on. I think the appeal for the subs side of things in this style of session environment is that the Ladies come across green and very keen to watch or even participate. From My many years at the Vanilla Corruption parties I’d say from the Ladies side of the fence, it’s exciting and out of the norm. In terms of participation, it’s a mix. Generally strap on and anything involving male body fluids the Women will only spectate and who can blame them? I’ve had almost a decade to hone the fact that those elements of session (such as faeces or cum) are sometimes a part of the job but these Ladies are here for a good time and a good show! But I’ve had Ladies enjoying impact play, CBT, Wax play, humiliation (especially enjoying games), watersports amongst other kinks but do know I do NOT enforce participation, as per My VC events I only encourage it. Do not book this style of session with Me at My dungeon if you have an expectation of a multi “Domme” play situation but more if you wish to be made a spectacle of in front of Vanilla friends and anything above this is to be treated as a welcome bonus.
I do ask that of an additional tribute on top of My standard session tribute so that I may also tribute the Ladies with a small financial “reward”. I do this for two reasons, first being they are working Ladies, self employed and often needing to take working time off to attend these sessions for your enjoyment. Second reason being that there is without doubt a great power exchange between a man handing over cash to a Woman in a position of Dominance. I want the man to FEEL this element, and I want the Ladies to feel the reward of that power exchange part of a Professional session, what I feel each day. Call it giving them the full round experience.

So how can one go about booking this type of session?

As I mentioned before the Ladies are selected employed so a degree of notice is required, around 3 - 4 weeks would suffice. you would need to apply to session via the Application Form on this website and mention in the comments section of the form that you wish to be under Vanilla Audience or even as a “Vanilla Corruption” one on one session.