Kink La Vida Los Angeles – A review of My trip

Kink La Vida Los Angeles – A review of My trip

This blog post is well overdue but I’ve been such a busy Domina it’s been hard to find the time to sit down and type.

In February I visited Los Angeles for a week. The trip was slave sponsored (by slave M) both hotel and flight so all that was left for Me was to plan in My kink. slave M collected Me from the airport and immediately we went in search of food. I was staying in a beautiful, modern studio private apartment on South Hope Street in downtown LA.

I left Tuesday (My second day there) free for tourist type activities and from Wednesday My Kink activities gained magnitude until it resulted in an outright filthy weekend.

Starting with My shoot day with the fabulous Tommy O ( My header photo is one from his fabulous magic worked that day. Shooting from the spacious and perfectly equipped studio owned by Robert Fluty who was courteous and on hand to assist with any requirements. I also had two of My subs with Me who were well used throughout the shoot in various orientations; such good boys! Trampling, caning, caging, chastity all enjoyed with a down to earth, fun mutual sadist in Tommy. A professional, who knows what works and it was one of the best shoots I’ve been on and I’ve worked with over 50 photographers in the last 3 years from modelling to My Professional Domination content. As the images I have from the shoot are such gold I shall be saving most to share one every now and again so My most dedicated will spot them as they arise – stay tuned.

On the Friday I was guest Domme at Isabella Sinclair’s Domme Collective party at Her Ivy Manor. I was extremely lucky to be invited to guest at this event after approaching Miss Sinclair regarding using her facility for sessions whilst out in LA and expressing My wish to attend her event. Isabella ( has such a professional style with a wealth of knowledge of the scene and upon meeting her one of the most naturally dominant and down to earth people I have met in the scene so far. Her premises, the Ivy Manor is a two story wonderland of dungeon, lounge, reception area and medical play room – all encompassing for every BDSM delight. There I met some wonderful ladies such a Miss Bella Bathory, An Li and Miss Alexandra from Chicago amongst other lovely ladies – so many to name. On the flip side of the loveliness, they also showed Me some of the most sadistic scenes I’ve seen in My time as a Dominatrix. As per the photo I posted to My Twitter, at one point I saw 5 ladies on one slave in a medical chair, each were inserting needles into most areas of his body – feet, cock, legs and using the blood pouring on to the floor to write their names in. It was the most sadistic scene I’ve ever seen and all the way through they were giggling and laughing, fair to say the event was a life changer!

I gathered a bit of a reputation there as a butt slut magnet, butt fucking a quarter of the naked male slaves in attendance and I loved it. Those of you who know Me know that I find pegging extremely empowering, taking you against the male manipulation of societal dictation where the woman is taken by the man.

Amongst those I anally invaded I must mention the slave from New York I’ll call slave A; for slave Anal. slave A approached Me after watching Me peg another rough and fast over a bench in the dungeon. He had with him a bag of goodies – lots of extra large cocks and even his own harness to hold them so I was bouncing with glee ordering him to fit Me with it so I could get stuck in (pardon the pun). We started small from say a 8” x 2” width right up to real girthy 10” x 4” (approx) and with every thrust the look in his face was a delight alone. I like to maintain a fierce eye contact with My “victims” watching expressions and reading body language and tone, absorbing all the experience whilst I break you in, expand your area or sample your anal abilities. slave A did not fail to entertain Me and comments on watching him clean up was it was an amazing experience as I seem to really enjoy it – I actually do, it’s never an act! I’m not an actress, I’m a Dominatrix. I’ve been pegging boyfriends for many, many years before I became a Professional Dominatrix because I enjoy it.

Later that evening I was extremely blessed to be invited on to attend Miss Bella’s private Birthday BDSM Vintage style play party where I saw some fabulous electrics play, ate some wonderful cake and met some more inspiration US Domme’s such as Simone Justice and Cybill Troy. Miss Bella truly knows how to throw a fabulous bash which landed Me in bed about 4am, a very kinky day indeed.

The following evening I just about managed to drag Myself out of bed to get along to Bar Sinister in Hollywood with Tommy O and My sub Ropenoob who travelled with Me and I didn’t regret attending. In a latex skater dress with waist clincher on top and platform Christian Louboutin Victoria shoes in patent black; at every turn I was complimented by the fellow accepting fetishists partying in there until the early hours. Every walk of BDSM in there from TV’s, Vampires, Bottoms, Rope Artists, Dom’s and many more, but a very inclusive positive vibe so refreshing! I had the best evening there, with the most laugh’s in a while and I only touched a few mouthfuls of My one alcoholic drink of the evening.

In conclusion I cannot wait to back out to LA again, I had a fabulous time and thanks to all of those I met who made My visit exceptional. Definitely refreshed My love of travel with encorporating kink in wherever I move.

Keep Kinky Kinksters!

Mistress Tess x