Please Read Through My FAQ’s Carefully, This Will save Time

Yes I own My own playspace named the Alchemy Rooms and it’s based in the LU7 area of Leighton Buzzard very close to Milton Keynes, you can see further information on the Alchemy Rooms on the “My Dungeon” page of My website here.
My dungeon is based in Leighton Buzzard but I do make regular visits to Scotland, Ireland and occasionally London and Manchester.
The tribute may vary slightly dependant on location, length of session and content so once you receive a reply from Me, if your application is successful, you will be notified the required tribute.
NO, absolutely not. You will not be offered anything in terms of sexual pleasure from Me nor will you be sexually pleasuring Me in anyway. This includes rimming, milking and hand jobs.

I may indulge in forced orgasms or forced masturbation but these activities are completely at My discretion. My sessions are pure, addictive Female Domination.

No, there is no nudity during My sessions.
No, your appearance is irrelevant to Me and no, I do not offer discounts for good looks nor excellent personalities.
No, I am not actively looking. Should a domestic vacancy or the like arise I will advertise for it. Do not bother applying otherwise.
No, I am a Dominatrix and not an actress. I will always operate within our mutual interests but I decide upon the structure of the session and will not follow a script. I do like to sometimes adopt certain role play characters such as Teacher / Student or Policewoman / Criminal if this is of mutual interest but again the verbal / scenario will be decided upon by Me.
Of course, this is why it is extremely important you are clear on just what your limits are. I will not push those limits nor introduce you to new previously unexplored interests unless we have previously discussed doing so.
For the time being yes, there are other interests that I want to explore but I am doing this on a personal basis and when I am ready I shall add these to My list. So do not bother asking if I will cover anything that is not on My list.
Of course you may, I do love to be spoiled! My wishlist: and more information on My gift preferences can be found on My “links” page.
You may, but I will want to see it prior for approval and if it is not a gift to which I can keep and do with it as I please this is ok but I will not hold it for you, you will need to take it away with you after the session is complete and bring it back should you wish for Me to wear again when you revisit. Please enquire in pre-session communications as to My measurements as required.

I don’t ever film My sessions without consent, I may take a photograph from time to time with players well known and established to Me but only with their explicit permission and awareness prior to the session start.