My recent visit to The House of Sinn
Last month, I spent 5 wonderful days in Romania at the House of Sinn. It is not My first time visiting. I’ve visited four times since 2019 and I’ve finally decided that I should absolutely write a blog on My time there as I find it an extremely magical experience every single time. I consider Matriarch Ezada Sinn a very close and dear friend, I cherish any time I get to spend with Her, but also find the environment of staying in the House of Sinn, and on the last two occasions with My slave seven, inspiring. The Female led empire that She has created for Herself there inspires Me and I always leave for My journey home with a heart full and a spring in My thigh high booted step. To start off My week, I was collected by one of Her collared slaves from the airport making the latter half of My travel seamless, since the airline I travelled with were late and it was stressful. As soon as My luggage was kindly retrieved from My hands and I sat in the back of the Sinn slave’s car, those stresses melted away as I knew I was headed to My version of FemDom utopia. The little bubble of FemDom peace and quiet that Matriarch Ezada has created allows Me the space to FULLY be Myself. I have mentioned before on My blog and very much on My social media pages, I am engaged to My slave seven and W/we operate as much of an FLR (Female Led Relationship) as having four Daughters in the house will allow. At home We stick to very subtle but meaningful rituals and protocols for Our set up but when visiting the House of Sinn We can fully immerse Ourselves in the kink element of a FLR. Once back at the House of Sinn, there was a meal waiting for Me and a welcomed embrace from Ezada Herself. Shortly afterwards I retired to My bed where a fresh robe and slippers awaited Me in a beautiful and immaculate bedroom. The first full day I wanted to dedicate to My relationship with slave 7, I had a lovely long lay in bed to ensure I was well rested, slave seven bought Me breakfast in bed and I decided to dedicate the day to demonstrate O/our relationship in the form of clips, W/we were there to have U/us time but also to create content. So I filmed a series of clips called “My Morning Ritual” leading from the foot kisses I have slave seven perform daily to show his devotion and then on to objectifying him as furniture, like a human ashtray, toothpaste spittoon and then preparing his special dog bowl breakfast and to finish, a scene of a whipping punishment for any misdemeanors during the previous steps of the morning rituals. It was nice to take time and immortalise little aspects of O/our regular kink activities in this way. A chilled evening ensued of dinner in bed, slave seven giving Me a long foot rub and Me fitting a dildo gag to him to get off on the day's activities. I do like the dehumanisation of a dildo gag, slave seven has a perfectly good, nice sized penis but to say I don’t want that, I want you to fit this gag and fuck with your face is pure power. I always cum hard and quick this way and the tease and denial element for slave seven is an added bonus. Day two at the House of Sinn, after another sweet lay in, a luxury I don’t get often at home with a busy household and a vibrant Professional Domina vocation, I slathered Myself in hot tight rubber clothing and decided to get a little more brutal. Think, human ashtray in stocks while I trample his balls with My high Louboutin heels, ruthless hard ball busting while he writhes around in pain on the floor, rewards of a ruined (always ruined) orgasm during glorious heels worship only to have him degraded by sucking up his own man juice from the heels he was just kissing like a desert dwelling hiker, yum yum! I was feeling particularly sadistic and craved the release of endorphins I feel by putting a man in his place under My heels in agony. In the evening I travelled into Bucharest with Matriarch Ezada and Miss Roper, some of Our slaves in tow. Ezada wished to show Us some of Romania’s beautiful culture in the form of their historic capital and We enjoyed a wonderful meal with cocktails together.
The restaurant W/we ate in was the place Nicolae Ceausescu’s children were raised in, before walking the streets to admire Bucharest’s architecture. I love how Ezada advocates the Ladies that visit the House of Sinn should feel a wonderful mix of both kink and being creative in Our Domination whilst using the House of Sinn as Our playground but also wonderful downtime to explore and enjoy what Romania has to offer. Day three was time for Us to work together, three Domina’s join forces to annihilate the ass over and over again of a very lucky slave Poodle, whom Ezada has trained very well to take very impressive toys and even hands! Matriarch Ezada, Miss Roper and I make a formidable trio and the chemistry and fun in Our scenes always makes the time pass so quickly, it’s a pure pleasure to be together! Understandably, Ezada has a family to attend in the evenings, so Miss Roper, slave seven and I headed into the local square for a light dinner and some cocktails alone. The last day was reserved for Us all (Dommes and slaves) to have a spa day at one of the best spa’s I’ve been to in My lifetime, Therme spa. It is huge, with a sub tropical themed environment with heat lamped beds, huge sun loungers that resemble cuddling pods, multiple saunas and steam rooms, an adventure area with lots of slides for adrenaline fun and of course heated pools and swim up bars. Let’s just shorten it with it’s relaxation heaven! Cue cocktails in the pool, being carried around in the water like a Queen by My slave seven and enjoying Girly chats with two of My closest Domina friends, Matriarch Ezada and Miss Roper. The perfect final day to a perfect trip reconnecting with friends and strengthening My bond with rare alone with My slave seven to have time to beat him, use him and be adored by him. The tonic I need before a very busy November with sessions, touring and filming. Now, I have the International FemDom summit to look forward to. The summit is an event curated and run by Matriarch Ezada Sinn and Mistress Kennya and held in Bucharest, Romania. It’s held on May 15th - 17th 2024 and the event is to facilitate networking between those in the FemDom industry, an opportunity to socialise as well as immerse in the beautiful sights and traditions of Romania, as I describe above I always feel at peace when I visit.
Over the course of the three day event there is visits to historical Romanian landmarks, traditional meals out together, open doors at the House of Sinn, meet and greets with industry peers, ending the week with an awards ceremony and a Goddess Party. I cannot wait, very excited. You can buy your tickets and find more information here: