Online Cam Domination – Availability and Etiquette

Online Cam Domination – Availability and Etiquette

As well as primarily offering Professional Realtime Domination sessions, I offer online Cam Domination sessions via the third party website Adultwork –

Here you can direct cam with Me on a non-audio basis in group chat rooms, which I use mostly for preliminaries and kinky chat. For more involved sessions such as CBT, Humiliation, Rubber Fetish, Worship and Forced Intox (to name but a few) the website has a private mode to which you can dial yourself into My space on and W/we can use a two way cam set up so I can see you. Although I still don’t tend to offer audio in this mode should you wish to choose cam to cam mode, I can see you as I instruct you in exactly what I want you to do with those useless dangly bits you have. If you want to hear My voice tell you just how small you pathetic penis is or hear My sadistic laugh hard when matched with your whimpers of pain then you can use the Adultwork website to book a Skype session, but I will also take bookings for private Skype sessions direct using the same Application Form as here on My website.

My appearance on cam of late has been sporadic, this is down to My Realtime sessions becoming busier now that I have a base dungeon in Milton Keynes to work from weekly. Meaning I have less and less time to commit to being online, so I thought I would add some general structure to when you can find Me online. Moving forward I will be attempting to dedicate Sunday, Monday and Thursday evenings from around 8.30pm until late to being online for Cam Domination (events dependant).

On these days (realtime sessions also dependant) you should find Me also online in the day. I may pop online other days on an ad hoc basis, these occasions will always be advertised as and when using My social media mediums such as Twitter. Adult work also hosts the ability to private message / email, this could be used as a method of checking My upcoming cam availability if you are ever unsure.

Cam Domination is ideal for those subs / slaves who cannot see Me as much Realtime as they should wish due to commitments such as family or work. Frequent cam subs are often those I’ve met them on an international visit to another country on My travels as I do try to fit in sessions wherever I move around to therefore getting over to the UK from Holland, Ireland or even the more Northern counties in the UK like Newcastle or Liverpool down to Milton Keynes is a lengthy journey. I quite often have online sessions with subs that have also visited Me during their visit to the UK on their own travels like work commitments, I have had an addicted pup slave from Norway and a couple of boys in the U.S. start off with cam domination to which they were confident I was worth visiting here in the UK.

Cam Domination is also an ideal way to introduce yourself to a “session” if you are anxious of first taking the big step to attend a professional realtime session, or even to find out more about how kink works with Me and get to know Me on a more personal level than an email exchange prior to a realtime session booking.

I will not accept lack of etiquette and manners, I do not conduct My online chats / sessions with any less selectiveness than I do with My realtime sessions. I NEVER have the attitude that the longer I keep you chatting the more money I will earn nor will I negotiate any of My own limits or morals because it is camera and not realtime.

If you choose not to address Me correctly, lack manners or blatantly have your dick at the ready I will warn you and then reject you, I have a long kicked list already and I love to use it. Respect Me, respect My work and read My profile. Asking Me information you can quite readily find out on My profile is highly annoying.

The perfect cam slave for My needs is one that starts “Good Day Mistress” – addressing Me correctly, always uses manners, recognises My superiority and maintains paying Me the respect I very well deserve throughout our chat or session. One that has obviously done their research and maybe even wanting to impress Me by subscribing to My Adult work private gallery prior to dialling in.

Be THAT slave boys.

Keep Kinky!

Mistress Tess x