Professional Domina – My first year in reflection

Professional Domina – My first year in reflection

The end of September saw the anniversary of one year since the start of my professional sessions and what a year it has been!

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning have seen me grow and evolve into a competent, strong professional who loves her job and embodies the Femdom principles in her home life now too. I’ve also met some fantastic people along the way, learnt some valuable lessons and honed some wonderful skills.

Some things you can only learn fully or learn to appreciate by trying your hand at them and often failing but it’s how we deal with it and learn from it that counts. I’m glad to be bringing something original and refreshingly vintage to the current Femdom scene (this is often said to me by not only subs but fellow Dommes). I like to think that along the way though I’ve been honest about my own experience and limitations and most importantly operated with a great respect for safety in mind. I can’t imagine my life without kink now. The Femdom way of life is my life now and like I’ve said before I truly believe it was always there, that it just lay dormant. Unfortunately as per any walk of life, we meet people who claim to be one thing and as time passes by, turn out to be another but I’m never bitter. We have to take the rain to see a rainbow and I believe firmly the lessons I have been taught in 2016 are all just turns in the road I’m meant to be travelling on, to be where my destiny lies.

So I have spent the last year touring across the UK, using various different wonderful facilities. To name but a few, there’s the Facility in Walsall. The Facility consist of two buildings, each with three storeys hosting between them a whole world of different domination scenarios. Such as a standard modern fully equipped dungeon with padded cell and confinement rooms, rustic stone dungeon with authentic bars prison cell, sissy dressing up station, medical room, domestic lounge, school room and bedroom. Then there’s High Wycombe’s secret dungeon all encompassing in one room – fucking machine, extensive selection of hoists, benches, chairs and out the back a hot top. It makes the perfect overnight location with the bondage bed and bed cage.

And then there’s the Leeds Chamber up in Leeds (obviously) run by the fabulous Mistress Davina which has two dungeon areas, one larger with confinement cell, a fucking machine and a Fetters wheel. It also hosts a study / headteachers office and a lounge area come bedroom.

Looking forward to the next year, I plan to lessen travel slightly in the build up to finally finding my own facilities so I have more of a base. I was hoping to have this sorted by end of 2016 but due to some unforeseen circumstances there is a little delay. I’m gradually building up quite a collection of various equipment – a rack of sissy clothing and shoes, two cabinets brimmed full with BDSM “tools”, a foot full of whips and canes, thrones, stools, chairs, trample boards, hooks, swings and a toilet box! Some of which I can thank some very talented subs of mine for creating for me (you know who you are). Handmade (and well made) gifts are always considered very thoughtful and extremely appreciated.

In the last four months I’ve been making more and more of a presence within the public BDSM community by attending various fetish based events such as Subversion, London Alternative Market and Club Pedestal. It’s been nice having subs and slaves approach me in recognition and express admiration for my contributions and dedication so far. I always stress I am approachable for light chatter and introductions at events, I do not freely hand out worship to anyone asking and I will not discuss reams of information you’d easily find on my website.

I have already built up what some might describe a small stable of regular boys and “girls” who I’m proud of and who support me in my success to become a national dominatrix success. The dream is big and I appreciate those that remain loyal and offer me exclusivity in a bid to please me despite yet only one having a collar. I take collaring extremely seriously (there is another blog post into just why and my expectations to come soon).

I have also just starting filming for my own Clips Store for the anticipated release end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017. So lots of exciting things are in the pipeline. Over the last year I have also included some European travel, mostly personal agenda travel but I’ve included some session space whilst away, moving forward I’ll be looking to seize opportunities to film and work more internationally. One thing I am often asked is “What do you specialise in?” and still a year on I wouldn’t profess yet to “specialise” in anything. There are certain activities I’m better at and that I enjoy more but I will definitely be giving it at least another year before I start marketing any of my specialities. This next year will also be about honing certain skills, I’d love to advance my already existing rope bondage abilities and I’ve seen a fabulous bull whip training course I shall definitely be attending on.

So stay in touch subs, sluts, slaves.. I’ll very much be around for a long time to come.


Mistress Tess x