sub-seduction on a Mistress Spa day..
I love a spa day. The mixture of having time to spoil My body and lounge around like a Goddess is definitely My vibe. I’d say of an ordinary year I spa at least half a dozen times, with a particular enjoyment of a specific few locations, but that’s not to say I’m not open to trying new spas. A typical spa day of Mine would look like a 9am arrival to launch straight into the gym in hot, tight lycra getting wet with sweat and to follow a yoga or Pilates class to stretch out and wind down, keeping Me bendy! Ideally I’d love to follow that with a massage, having hands rub Me all over, then lunch. Post lunch it’s time to get very wet (again) but this time with a long jacuzzi soak, maybe with My head buried in a good book. Perhaps breaking up My soak by swaying My tiny bikini clad body into a steam room or sauna. Finishing the day with a foot treatment such as a callus peel or pedicure, watching all that foot dust goodness collect up on a beauty therapists towel.

So let’s now add in you! Yes you, subby.

Do you like the idea of spending time with Me at the spa? I very much keep My schedule as I wish, as is My prerogative as a Boss Lady Domina but I add some kink magic to keep you a drooling bitch boy mess throughout the day albeit shockingly discrete. Let Me paint the picture for you FROM experience of spa days past that I have been on WITH sub accompaniment. Yes, I have very much enjoyed this arrangement time and time again over the past decade. you arrive with Me, opening My car door and placing a kiss on each shoe in the carpark, before walking 2 steps behind Me into the building, no doubt unable to keep your eyes off My gym lycra view. Once W/we are checked into the spa and arrive together at the changing room doors, this is where I hand you a small bag containing a chastity lock and a remote control vibrating butt plug commanding you fit them immediately. We are now gym ready, I go off to work My routine, leave you to yours but every now and again I may flick on your butt plug to ensure you’re always kept on edge. Should a private moment happen upon U/us in the small spa gym, I’ll demand you lay down on the matting in the free weights area so I can plant My sweaty lycra clad crotch on your face for a fleeting smother tease. Post gym, I’ll shower before I head off for My massage, that you have already paid for (of course). you’ll wait patiently outside the Women’s changing room for Me and as I pass you, tiny bikini covered by fluffy gown with your chastity key around My neck. I stuff My still wet with sweat panties into your hand and whisper instructions to go and find a private spot (even if that’s locking yourself in a toilet cubicle to load up a clip of Mine from My clips store and sniff My panties. I want full on cage rage and I’m going to leave that butt plug running constant now until the battery dies. But don’t be late meeting Me when I come out of My massage, now also in your swimwear and robe. Don’t be late, don’t ever make Me wait around for you or a suitable punishment will ensue. We sit for lunch, I request a table toward a corner area of the restaurant and ensure you tuck yourself right in. Once O/our order was taken, I slip off one of My spa slippers and My barefoot drags slowly up your bare leg making it’s way to your crotch area and stays there “pedal pushing” your chastity cage throughout lunch and on top of all that panties adoration.

I might choose to garnish each of your courses with My spit..

Lunch is done and it’s time to shed the robe, I’m wearing some swimwear that is barely there or very low cut to cause maximum tease, and you walk several steps behind Me again to the jacuzzi, My book in hand. I love to see a chastity bulge through tight or thin men's swimwear. W/we lower into the water, I slide to be a metre or so from you. Whilst burying My head in My book I bury both feet into your crotch again, only this time more seductively and only occasionally rubbing your chastity cage through your swimwear with My soles whilst seemingly ignoring you for My book. Basically the aim of the day is to cause you maximum aggravation and send you home having drowned in the bliss of My company accompanied by extremely blue balls. I choose to find a quiet spot post bubbles to continue to lounge, again you follow behind Me, but you must sit by My bed on the floor and continue to aid My relaxation with a foot rub, facing the other way so only My pretty toes with your hands running over them is your focus. Lastly I am off for My foot treatment, you have a particular penchant for feet, especially Mine after getting well acquainted on the lounger. With that in mind, I’m going to ask the therapist if you, My friend, can join Me and sit by Me but you’ll only speak when spoken to and be instructed to watch the spa therapist work Her / his magic on My soft soles. Losing yourself in My beautiful pedi’s. You should know that I often ask the therapist if I can collect up the dust toward the end of the treatment which usually brings about a question or two and I’m always honest. 😉 Any person with half a brain will likely add two and two to then work out who you are, so that silent humiliation sits there but don’t stress too much as it’s around 6pm now, the end of My wonderful spa day and your dream come true! A parting gift? you can keep those panties and My collected foot treats. you walk Me to My car and I’ll allow this time for you to beg for your chastity key back to run in and unlock. A fleeting kiss on your knees for each of My shoes again. Sounds fun right? So lets talk about the details. All expenses are to be covered by you, from the day pass cost, any additional food costs (lunch at most spas is usually included) and two treatments of My choosing. Expenses may also include train travel dependent on the agreed spa location otherwise I will opt for the comfort of driving My own vehicle. In addition to the expenses, for an 8/9 hour day in My presence I ask for a basic tribute of only £500, because I recognise you have already spent out on My enjoyment for the day but unfortunately I do still need to earn, spending time with My subs is My passion and My love but also My work and My earnings. Ordinarily this amount of My time would be in the thousands.

The tribute will be required in full up front upon booking in with Me for this experience.

You will need to provide Me with a reference of a Professional Dominatrix you have seen in the past 2 years in the capacity of one on one sessions only. I will need Her website / social media link to reach out to Her Myself to verify you. This Domina reference needs to be able to give Me an accurate remembrance of you, not just acknowledgement of your attendance / contact information.

Can W/we make this an overnight?

If the spa has overnight facilities and you’d like to incorporate more kink play / more of a session vibe to the spa experience then booking a room at the spa for overnight is ideal. I have an abundance of travel kit ideal to cater for “hotel room” style sessions.
All of the above daytime can still apply but after all that tease, torment and build up I can drag you back to My room for a more intense play time before heading down for some dinner together while I’m dressed up in (no doubt Balmain - My favourite brand) finery and Louboutin heels. Some things to note, to be accepted in your request to spa overnight with Me you MUST be happy sleeping in some form of restrictive bondage. This can be a straight jacket, a sleep sack with straps or something similar but I will not have a free roaming man in the same room as Me as I sleep and if this is not something you are willing to abide by then I insist you book yourself your own bedroom for when it’s time to retire. This is non negotiable. All bedroom expenses are on your wallet, be it one or two rooms. I’d adore that while you are with Me for more of a prolonged time that if it is within your limits you adopt a service slave type role within the bedroom when W/we are not in session. This is not essential, however good gentlemanly manners will suffice. An additional tribute will apply dependent on session play length and can be discussed upon booking in. Interested? Drop Me an Email and let's arrange. Make the subject - Spa Day