Teleportation – It does exist

Teleportation – It does exist


The ability to transfer from one place to another without traversing between the two points, it can be done.. With the mind.

As I was jogging along the white sands of the beach in Khoa Lak, Thailand a couple of weeks ago. Lycra clad with the breeze blowing against my face and the sand squashing between the toes of my bare feet. I could taste the sea on my lips, I could see the sun peering above the sea line rises to make the day but within one whip of wind I was teleported.

It was the subtle yet potent smell of Cedarwood and Jasmine, it hit my face with the wind, invaded my nostrils and transported. I was back in Glastonbury, walking the hippy lined streets, standing on the Tor hilltop watching the sunrise, sitting in the chalice well garden reflecting. I had my first visit to the spiritual hallowed town of Glastonbury last May and already it holds a strange sentimental value to me, I was moved by it’s uniqueness to anywhere I have visited before.

My mind associates the sweet smell of incense with the experience of my time in that special place, so when it hit me on the beach I closed my eyes and I was there.

Now for me, this happens a lot. Certain scents, sounds and even tastes have the ability to take me to places of significance to me.

Motorbike Oil – When I met my first boyfriend

Onion Gravy – The night I earnt £50 in tips as a pub waitress aged 14, I was stoked!

Spice Girls first album – My 4 closest friends and I aged 11 hosting a mock concert in one of the girls back gardens, my little sister charging 5p entry on the gate, haha.

What triggers you to be transported back to your first session? The first time you took that step?

I remember the smells from that day. Leather from the well worn sofa, rubber from my wardrobe choices and the smell of cigarettes from hovering my slimline Vogue’s over his open mouth, using him as my dirty little ashtray. The latter most distinctive for me as I’m more of a social smoker so it’s few and far between I enjoy a menthol or two.

I’ve come to learn this ability links a lot with individuals who have an overactive or wicked sense of imagination, e.g. Me! A lot of people I’ve met in the Kink scene have an awesome sense of imagination, it’s what helps bring BDSM to life. No sense in just bonding a sub but then with no clue or sense of imagination as to what to do next. For me, Imagination makes the experience that much more intense.

Thanks for reading.


Mistress Tess