The Big Bad Domme

The Big Bad Domme

The look, the clothes and the demeanour all of the big ugly stereotyping that surrounds the image of a Dominatrix.

Often I am online for cam domination when a “sub” enters My cyber space and says something along the lines of “Why aren’t you dressed from head to toe in leather ready with a whip in hand?” They’re mostly lacking etiquette and manners too.

Because I’m real, that’s why.

Those “sorts” are swiftly ejected, I am Unobtainable, I am intolerant to lack of appropriate manners but I am approachable if treated with the respect I deserve.

The outfit does not maketh the Domme. I’m confident in My feminine power and I can dominate you in My onesie and bunny slippers should I see fit.

My own assessment is these types are usually those dick in hand, fetishists, or oglers looking to see a beautiful woman in power material to beat to either there and then, or later under the duvet. Not submissive men.

If the mood takes Me, I’ve been known to wear latex and leather for My sessions, both online and realtime, but I’ve also dominated in My pyjamas or sweaty post work out gym kit. Both still with an air of untouchable elegance. My abilities as a Dominatrix, in both My Professional and Lifestyle, are not restricted to stereotypical clothing. It also includes My smiling, laughing demeanour.

I love playtime, It’s PLAY! I’ll smile, I’ll laugh, hell I’ll even jeer at your timely demise at My handiwork. I’m a sadist with a smile. I’ll beat you while I’m beaming and I’ll purringly voice My pleasure at your worshipping skills. And I’ll joke with you on your delicious predicament unfolding before Me. Dominance does not equal an arrogant, surly attitude with an appearance of resentment for all of the male species.

Dominance is the positive influence over another, it is an exchange of power between submissive and Mistress. I’m not negating that some attire and props empower Me, that put Me right there in the zone but I am also a lifestyle dominant. I practice the lifestyle in the comfort of My own home. I’m a full time Female Supremacy activist and a CFNM advocate. Clothed, naked, latex or tracksuit, whatever I may be wearing at the time I will still command, expect respect and issue punishment as it is due.

Don’t be disillusioned into thinking that because I am smiling, laughing and enjoying Myself that I am not sincere in My words and in My instructions. Do not make the mistake that I do not take My Profession seriously. I will not think twice in enforcing My point and if the appropriate respect isn’t demonstrated to Me, you will be ejected from My presence. Whether this is at the application stage or at My feet for the first session or our 25th session. I will always be unobtainable to you, so close yet never close enough so should you not please Me in your attitude, manners or level of submission you’ll have no further use to Me.

It doesn’t necessarily come down to skills either. Just because Madame Rope Pro can suspend a sub from the roof using 200 million lengths of rope until they look like a twisted flying Mummy or Domina Medical Excellence can gas up then needle play her victim into a metal detectors nightmare, doesn’t mean that someone else’s skills of a lesser, advanced or different nature does not make them less Dominant. Never undersell Yourself or let other people’s words, or opinions make You think twice about the empire You are building. The Dommes that profess to know it ALL and seen it ALL are wrong. With this ever changing scene, we are all always learning, changing, and progressing.

I met a beautiful group of people recently at an event called Bitchcraft at The Facility in Walsall last weekend which was run by a wonderful lifestyle Female Dominant named Kali. I was the only Professional there (despite the fact I am lifestyle also) and how refreshing it was. There was no pretence, no feel of competition and no small groups of Women closed into their clique groups. I spent a good hour with these Ladies (and subs present too) in a Q & A style forum. These Women were all at different stages of their Femdom journey. Some had just started, some were switches, and some had been Dominants for many years. They complimented Me on My approachable attitude and being so personable. I like it that way. I’m not above My station, we are all still human beings and if these ladies can learn something from Me in being that way or if I can pass it onto them, then that means more Females en route to Supremacy. Hooray!

However, It was sad to hear that some have considered previously moving into the Professional side but consider that side of the scene catty, closed and somewhat lost of the “community feel” compared to that of lifestyle or that they feel they wouldn’t fit the “factory standard” Domme outlook. Why in this age of a multi-cultural society, equal rights, gay marriages and much more is the “Dominatrix” still surrounded with so much stereotypical bullshit?

My mantra is that I will always BE ME. If My attire, My Smile, My Style offends you, then you offend Me.

Stay Kinky Kinsters

Mistress Tess x