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Opportunities that have been and gone but might yet come round again…

Aftermath of Corrupting the Vanilla’s Garden Party Casting your minds back to the August bank holiday weekend.. I was having a Super Sunday and I thought I’d share with you a bit of a report on some of the experience that was my first Kinky event (and by the looks not the last!) as hostess.… Read More »Aftermath of Corrupting the Vanilla’s Garden Party
Mistress Tess’ Garden Party Mistress Tess’ Corrupting The Vanilla’s Garden Party – Sunday 28th of August After a week spent with some of the most accepting, down to earth ladies last weekend on a mutual friend’s hen party it wasn’t long before the inevitable question “So, what do you do for a job?” cropped up.… Read More »Mistress Tess’ Garden Party
Birthday Bashing Good news for slaves who want to celebrate the birthday of Miss Cate Fury as she will be holding an afternoon party in an exclusive Berkshire location, close to Windsor where a few select slaves will be accepted to serve not just Miss Cate but myself and The Hunteress as well for an… Read More »Birthday Bashing
Connection.. Ownership.. This is real. The connection between mistress and submissive to me comes in varying intensity. Ranging from expectation of activities during session, where my eyes make contact with a submissive on his knees at start of play and the trust involved in placing their mind and body in my possession, connects us. Alternatively… Read More »Connection.. Ownership.. This is real.