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Opportunities that have been and gone but might yet come round again...

Doubles with Miss Rose & Central London Sessions Friday 26th of August is a lucky day for all you foot fanatics and toe worshippers.. The beautiful Miss Rose (Twitter name: @SheControls) and I will be teaming up in the Central London area, particularly the Oxford Street area for coffee shop foot / heels worship sessions… Read More »Doubles with Miss Rose & Central London Sessions
Sissy Misdemeanours Those of you whom follow my social media activity closely will know that I have a lifestyle slave aptly named Mistress Tess’ Sissy. Sissy P (sometimes known as Paula) has now been with me in service for just over 6 months and has demonstrated a refreshing level of devotion and commitment. Sissy P’s… Read More »Sissy Misdemeanours
Female Domination – Whips, Chains and blurred lines I wanted to take the time to write a blog post on something that is increasingly becoming more important to me. As I become more involved in the scene we know and love as “Femdom” I’m noticing the vast amount of the grey areas and blurred lines… Read More »Female Domination – Whips, Chains and blurred lines
Outdoor Female Domination Sessions Imagine, the feel of stone floor beneath your knees, your cheek pressed again the wooden slats of the barn wall. You are blindfolded but you can hear the faint clack of heels approaching from a distance. The hemp rope grazing your ankles, your wrists, your thighs as you sway to keep… Read More »Outdoor Female Domination Sessions
Escapades of a Dominatrix Good morning all, I wanted to take time to update you on my recent escapades. A lot has been happening in my domain the past few weeks and a lot coming up too. April saw my first trip to the London Alternative Market, Femdom sessions up north in Manchester, a long… Read More »Escapades of a Dominatrix
Dungeon Big Weekender – Femdom Sessions in Buckinghamshire Upcoming Big Dungeon Weekender Good day subs, slaves, sluts.. I have a weekend of degradation and debauchery approaching at The Secret Dungeon, High Wycombe and I have decided to extend my fully booked day of sessions to allow for availability into the overnight and much of the… Read More »Dungeon Big Weekender – Femdom Sessions in Buckinghamshire
The Importance of Being Earnest Communications & Information I wanted to write a blog post about the importance of information giving and communication with your Mistress. I have a detailed contact / apply page on my website for a reason, I want to know those details about you, understand your journey, establish your limits. Your… Read More »The Importance of Being Earnest
Club Ped and Mistress Drop I would loved to of posted a tonne more blog posts between now and the last one, but February was manic! I wanted to blog about my first Femdom event attendance at Club Ped so here goes! I was in attendance with a fellow dominatrix and we started the evening… Read More »Club Ped and Mistress Drop
Teleportation – It does exist The ability to transfer from one place to another without traversing between the two points, it can be done.. With the mind. As I was jogging along the white sands of the beach in Khoa Lak, Thailand a couple of weeks ago. Lycra clad with the breeze blowing against my… Read More »Teleportation – It does exist
Mistress Tess My First Blog Post As I sit on a plane, Thailand bound, I have plenty of time to reflect on my year and the roller-coaster ride of finding myself and getting to the place I am in today – at the beginning of my Dominatrix journey. This time 18 months ago I didn’t… Read More »Mistress Tess My First Blog Post
Mistress Tess Dominates Dublin, Ireland will be visiting Dublin next week on My third and final visit of 2017. On this occasion I will be hosting sessions from a private apartment in the Ringsend area of Dublin from lunchtime Sunday 15th until evening Wednesday 18th of October. Minimum session length in Dublin is 1 hour… Read More »Mistress Tess Dominates Dublin, Ireland
For the Love of Scotland – Femdom Sessions in Glasgow[ Tomorrow I leave for a 5 day visit of Glasgow, Scotland 9th – 13th of June. I’ll be staying in a private apartment in the Castlehead area of Glasgow but holding sessions from Miss Scarlett’s (@GlasgowDomme) facility in the central area of Glasgow G3 postcode.… Read More »For the Love of Scotland
A Pony Boy story – Pony Play session review with Mistress Tess One of My newest loyal subs is My Pony Boy C, he’s written a review of our session, his first Pony Play session which I thought would be a good blog post for you kinksters to indulge in.. Enjoy. I stepped out of… Read More »A Pony Boy story – Pony Play session review with Mistress Tess
Mistress Tess’ Garden Party Mistress Tess’ Corrupting The Vanilla’s Garden Party – Sunday 28th of August After a week spent with some of the most accepting, down to earth ladies last weekend on a mutual friend’s hen party it wasn’t long before the inevitable question “So, what do you do for a job?” cropped up.… Read More »Mistress Tess’ Garden Party
Birthday Bashing Good news for slaves who want to celebrate the birthday of Miss Cate Fury as she will be holding an afternoon party in an exclusive Berkshire location, close to Windsor where a few select slaves will be accepted to serve not just Miss Cate but myself and The Hunteress as well for an… Read More »Birthday Bashing