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Gynarchy Governance 6th-8th May

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It’s fast approaching, only 2 months away. I cannot wait, I’ve been dreaming of holding this event since My visit to the Order of Indomitus in 2018.

An event of High Protocol, pure Female Domination. I was so inspired by Mistress Michelle Lacy’s event that I just wanted to bring a little piece of it home. Where men were caged overnight like animals, fed from the floor, hosed off in the garden with a bar of soap and served all day before we played all night. It was magical.

My event, Gynarchy Governance will be held in a quiet cottage in the Derbyshire countryside. It was originally meant to be held in September 2020 but COVID had other plans, so, after two reschedules it is in sight.
This is a long awaited event that is unique to the UK.

The event runs from 1pm on Friday 6th of May until 3pm on Sunday 8th of May.

The event will be headed up by Myself as Head Gynarchy and the other Gynarchy attending are:

Mistress Bliss (Australia)
Mistress Bliss is Australian born lifestyle fetishist, BDSM specialist and Dominatrix, based in East London, UK.
Her personal, professional and academic life has revolved around sexuality and BDSM, which has taken Her all over the globe, exploring eroticism in all its forms. She has personally experienced various positions and identities during Her BDSM journey of over 12+ years, resulting in Her keen understanding of how to navigate a submissive into sub space by bringing out their innermost desires. Once there the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to be open and adventurous.

Mistress Helena Locke (Los Angeles)
Power and control come naturally to our visitor from LA, Domina Helena. A sensual sadist who combines Her love of fetish into both a lifestyle and professional environment. A prolific adult performer the Domina’s work can be found on a multitude of provider sites where you can watch Her put submissives through the indoctrination of servitude. A lifetime of assuming the position of dominant is reflected in a Mistress more than comfortable in the role.

Mistress Kim Rub (London)
London’s premier, lifestyle Mistress and rubber queen with 30 years of experience. Accomplished and skilled in the art of BDSM this is a Lady who knows what She likes, wants and expects of any potential slave. Her years of experience gift Her the ability to induct newcomers to the world of Gynarchy with ease whilst exerting Her authority over those more experienced individuals. Hugely respected on the world renowned London BDSM and fetish scenes She is responsible for the hugely successful Rubber Cult event and can be seen attending many other regular events in the UK, a true icon of the BDSM scene and fetish attire aficionado.

Mistress Clarissa Shares (London)
Few operate on the same mental level as this Woman. Skilled in the art of hypnotism She will mould you in to Her vision of submission, correct the error of your ways and ensure you are left sound in the understanding of her powers. A keen interest in the occult, ritual and psychology makes this someone not to be underestimated, let Her inside your head and be ready to show your devotion to Her.

Just confirmed, Ava Von Medisin 

Men will sleep in tailor made cages, assigned to a different Gynarchy Mistress every day, they will serve that Mistress however She sees fit. Food will be prepared by a chef slave and served by the men before taking to their own on meals on the floor. The afternoons will bring games and activities to entertain the Ladies and after dinner will be play parties into the early hours of the night.

During the weekend there will be an initiation ceremony unique to Gynarchy Governance, once you are initiated into the Governance and used your slave name you will be welcome to return to future Gynarchy events.

There is still space for 2 more slaves, I’ve kept the numbers low for this pilot event to ensure things run smoothly and I’m looking forward to the more intimate approach.

More information on etiquette, tribute and application process can be found at:

Gynarchy Governance

AGENDA & EXPECTATIONS. slaves will be assigned each day to a Dominant who will be your Owner for the day. The weekend will begin with the slave initiation process and the remainder of the weekend will be filled with #chorewhore tasks, slave games, involving both indoor and outdoor play, silver service meals for the Ladies and evening play sessions for all.